Ardublock is a graphical programming environment to make programming physical computing with Arduino as easy as drag and drop.

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Programming Insectbot with Ardublock

Index 1. InsectBot Introduction 2. How to play InsectBot using ArduBlock 3. Download latest ArduBlock 1. InsectBot Introduction Insectbot is an Arduino-based 2-servo walker robot with one infrared sensor to detect obstacles. This easy-to-assemble kit is designed to enable creative engineering and robotics learning for age 6 and above. It is the best way to […]

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Ardublock! also for Wiring IDE

I have tested Ardublock tool in the Wiring IDE. I used a ‘Wiring S’ model with a ‘DFRobot DFRduino I/O Expansion Shield’ on top of an ‘S PlayShield’. It works pretty well. The test I’ve run is a simple blinking LED(without delay function) mixed with an analog and a digital read. It works great! Installation […]

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Pin-Event driven Programming on ArduBlock

As all of us know, many resources on Arduino are being wasted. The main reason is the using of delay(). Almost every Arduino program has delay() function, because Arduino working too fast for human. On the other hand, the general thinking method of a human being is “Doing thing when condition happen”, just like the […]

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[Beta 20131031] Makeblock, do…while and Adafruit DC Shield

In the past few months, we thank our contributors for submitting new features, report bugs and offer valuable suggestions to improvement of Ardublock. In this beta version, we have the following additions Makeblock Thanks to our friends over at Makeblock for their contribution of beautiful new blocks. Do…While loop Thanks to Tony New repeat block […]

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Using SCoop on Arduino

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Evaluating Event-Driven Libraries for Arduino

We have been thinking about how to make Ardublock more intuitive and adding event based control blocks seem to be the way to go. We’d like to enable new comers to Arduino to easily express the idea of “When X happens, we do Y” and have multiple of them written in clean style. We have […]

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Review of Ardublock from Sparkfun

Sparkfun has just posted a review of Ardublock titled Enginursday: Visually Programming Arduino. “It’s really neat how ArduBlock ties the visual, drag-and-drop programming into actual Arduino programming. The software acts as a “tool” for the Arduino IDE. After drawing up your sketch and hitting upload, the software simply parses your block diagrams and turns it […]

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How to test translations locally?

We have been using the Crowdin‘s system to manage the translations of Ardublock. With our great translation volunteers, Ardublock is now available in 20 different languages with latest additions of Russian and Turkish. We have been getting questions about how to test the translation locally. Here is a quick note on how to do this: […]

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Jose’s update: menu reorganizaiton and new storage and utilities blocks

Jose Lorente posted his update after we published Daniel’s update yesterday. The reorganization of the menu is good and the new storage blocks could be useful. From Jose Thanks for the updates. I’ve been adding some blocks but I haven’t been able to document them in a tutorial. I changed the layout of the menues […]

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Daniel’s Update: new function and rearranged categories

Thanks to the contribution from Daniel. Here is a list of modifications: I split the menu Operators into two menus: Mathematical Operators and Logical Operators. Move the delay function to Control and change the color to Yellow. Create the menu Especial with 3 function: One where you can write a code directly on the header, […]

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