Jose’s update: menu reorganizaiton and new storage and utilities blocks

Jose Lorente posted his update after we published Daniel’s update yesterday. The reorganization of the menu is good and the new storage blocks could be useful.

From Jose

Thanks for the updates. I’ve been adding some blocks but I haven’t been able to document them in a tutorial. I changed the layout of the menues a little bit and reorganized them. See images in the links below:

The main menu.

The Number/Constant menu.

The communication menu.

The Utilities menu (Added watchdog functionality).

The Store menu (Internal EEPROM and external microSD adapter).

The custom menu (I2C LCD, I2C 7 segments, Thermocouple reader, DS18B20, Real Time Clock).

An example of drop/down menues to avoid using several constants.

The blocks were configured with their respective support libraries.