Review of Ardublock from Sparkfun

Sparkfun has just posted a review of Ardublock titled Enginursday: Visually Programming Arduino.


“It’s really neat how ArduBlock ties the visual, drag-and-drop programming into actual Arduino programming. The software acts as a “tool” for the Arduino IDE. After drawing up your sketch and hitting upload, the software simply parses your block diagrams and turns it into real Arduino code. Then it compiles and uploads to your board normally. You can scroll through the generated code, compare it to your visual code, and even make your changes there. It has a lot of potential to be an amazing educational tool.”

In the article, Ardublock is comparing to the Scratch For read Arduino.


“S4A differs quite a bit from ArduBlock. It uses a firmata-type of protocol to interface between actual executed code and the Scratch program you’ve drawn up. There are pros and cons there: Written code takes effect instantly, but you’re always tethered to the USB port. For any kids who are already better Scratch creators than I’d ever be (which is a lot, judging by what we’re seeing on the tour), S4A is a perfect sidestep over into the physical world.”