Pin-Event driven Programming on ArduBlock

As all of us know, many resources on Arduino are being wasted. The main reason is the using of delay(). Almost every Arduino program has delay() function, because Arduino working too fast for human. On the other hand, the general thinking method of a human being is “Doing thing when condition happen”, just like the music up when someone press the doorbell. In the latest version of ArduBlock, we added multi-task library to fulfill the requirements above. We can monitor multiple pins for different events simultaneously. We refer to a number of event-driven libraries on the Arduino, and finally chose Scoop to do this. (Http:// 1 We newly added “Scoop Event” block, so you can monitor event like “low potential”, “high potential”, “falling edge”, “rising edge” and “change” on a pin. But note that in ArduBlock generated code , we haven’t not use event definition variable in Arduino. Because the event in Arduino is based on interrupt. And not all event can be triggered on all arduino hardware. For instance the value of CHANGE and HIGH are both 1 on UNO. The definition of Event variable is list blow. 0 -> LOW 1 -> HIGH 2 -> FALLING 3 -> RISING 4 -> CHANGE With the pin-event block, we can do such a thing pinevent Enjoy it