[Beta 20140702] LittleBits, 4Drawing, DuinoEdu and many bugs fixes!

It has been a while since our last update. The development has not slowed down. We have a few more contributors adding codes to Ardublock.

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bug fixes and new feature

Big thanks to Tony Callear for many bug fixes and feature enhancement!


LittleBits has introduced the Arduino Bit. It’s a awesome addition to the already fun products! We had a blast with our built night! Untitled Ardublock Hello World with LittleBits Untitled


Thanks to karlTH for contributing codes for DuinoEdu and added quite a few of blocks for some very exciting hardware! Untitled


This is a contribution from Leo Yan. As described in the pull request:

I develop a new product named 4Drawing at DFRobot. 4Drawing is an interactive electronic frame for children. It is better for children using Ardublock to program what they want. So I add a block of 4Drawing

I still haven’t find the reference to the actual hardware. May tap Leo about it. It sounds very interesting tho!</p