[SCoop 20140704] Support for SCoop

We have been evaluating how to best implement event driven programming with Ardublock and SCoop comes up on top of all the the multi-tasking and event driven libraries we have looked at.

The SCoop implementation has resided in the Scoop branch for quite some time and we have mentioned it in a few posts such as Evaluating Event-Driven Libraries for Arduino, Pin-Event driven Programming on ArduBlock and Using SCoop on Arduino.

One of our most active contributor Tony Callear has been testing it with a few students and it looks like even in its current form, the Scoop implementation can be useful. We decided to merge it with the latest version and acheter cialis make a release available to be download here.

The advantage of being able to multitask is to making interaction with multiple sensors much easier to program. Here is an example of programming 3 LED to blink in different rate. There are a few more blocks that are useful and worth exploring.


As always, feedback and suggestions are appreciated. We will contribute to work on the event model for Ardublock.