Fixing the memory problem with Ardublock



Thanks a lot to ChANg who runs Ayarafun Factory  for this one. The memory usage problem with Ardublock has been around for a while but it seems that our suggestion to increase the memory in the preference has been wrong. I got an email from ChANg and he has solved the problem by recompile his own Arduino IDE. Here is the edited version of the emails:

I use arduiblock on

windows  and I have problem on memory stack heap error when I use a lot of block on that and i try config memory on Preferences.txt ,it not work

I find the problem is on lanch4j ,the java launcher for arduino It config for you memory only 128MB and it can’t adjust to you more memory

when I adjust memory to 512MB and compile launcher again  (lanch4j) now I can use arduiblock and can add more block on this

And here is the step by step:

1. download launch4j and install

2. download arduino source

3. in arduino source go -> build/windows/launcher

you have see config.xml

4. open config.xml by lauch4j and go to tab JRE

in JVM options you can adjust memory to bigger than

5. click build wrapper icon , now you have new arduino.exe file use this file for your current arduino

This can only be for those who really need the fix for now.