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Jose’s update: menu reorganizaiton and new storage and utilities blocks

Jose Lorente posted his update after we published Daniel’s update yesterday. The reorganization of the menu is good and the new storage blocks could be useful. From Jose Thanks for the updates. I’ve been adding some blocks but I haven’t been able to document them in a tutorial. I changed the layout of the menues […]

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Daniel’s Update: new function and rearranged categories

Thanks to the contribution from Daniel. Here is a list of modifications: I split the menu Operators into two menus: Mathematical Operators and Logical Operators. Move the delay function to Control and change the color to Yellow. Create the menu Especial with 3 function: One where you can write a code directly on the header, […]

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[20130712 Release] Update with LinkerKit Support from LinkSprite

We are very happy to receive LinkerKit update from the LinkSprite team. For more information about LinkerKit, click here

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[20130607 Release] Quick fix

We published a release on the wrong code base that causes the new I2C code isn’t generated properly. Sorry about that. Here is an update to fix the code generation

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[20130604 Release] Support for 1.0 I2C and alpha support for subroutine

We are back to more actively developing the Ardublock. In this release: Arduino 1.0 I2C support Preview for Subroutine support Support for DFRobot Advance Sensor Set Subroutine Support The subroutine support kind of creep into this release. It doesn’t yet support parameters or return values. We accidentally merge the subroutine branch into the master. DFRobot […]

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2012/04/03 Update: Copy-n-Paste implemented, Korean and Italian translations added

Download Link Copy-n-Paste with right mouse click context menu Korean and Italian Translation

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