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How to add new object types by Didier Carne | Ardublock

How to add new object types by Didier Carne

Thanks to Didier Carne for this contribution

Didier Carne
LGT Champollion - Figeac
Files to change
1- "ardublock.xml" 				in 		src/main/resources/com/ardublock/block
	contains a description of the GUI module
	contains its location in a menu
2- "ardublock.properties"		in 		src/main/resources/com/ardublock/block
	contains the definition text to display in the GUI
3- "ardublock_fr.properties"	in 		src/main/resources/com/ardublock/block
	contains the definition text to display in the GUI in French
4- "TranslatorBlockFactory"		in 		src/main/java/com/ardublock/translator/block
	to associate the code to generate with the GUI module
Files to create
1- create a class in a java file in		src/main/java/com/ardublock/translator/block
	creates the code to be generated for the module

		Changes and ADDS in A FILE

	1- ardublock.xml
a) add a "BlockGenus"
	with "name" used to identify the block, used in the filer "TranslatorBlockFactory"
	with "kind" which defines the type of GUI
	with "initlabel" which sets the text to display in the module
	then put a "BlockConnector" for setting the I/O of the module
	then put a reference to a picture, if necessary
b) place the created module in a menu

c) or create a new menu if necessary

add in ardublock.xml

and lower 


 in ardublock.properties
 in TranslatorBlockFactory
 	if (blockName.equals .....
 	2- ardublock.properties
 as for the menu, add
bg.df_lcd_keypad=DFRobot LCD Keypad
and any other useful definitions

	3- ardublock_fr.properties
put the French translation if necessary

 We need to create the class corresponding to new module
 in src/main/java/com/ardublock/translator/block 
 or in src/main/java/com/ardublock/translator/block/champol
 or ...
 make new>class
 give a name for the class
 and buil it.
 see other class definitions

 below is an example for the LCD Display
import com.ardublock.translator.Translator;
import com.ardublock.translator.block.exception.SocketNullException;
import com.ardublock.translator.block.LCDKeypad; // if reference to another class
import com.ardublock.translator.block.TranslatorBlock;

public class DfrobotLCDKeypadBlock extends TranslatorBlock //LCDKeypad if reference to the class LCDkeypad
	public DfrobotLCDKeypadBlock(Long blockId, Translator translator)
		super(blockId, translator);

	public String toCode() throws SocketNullException
		// to define include and global var, see below
		// recovery module parameters, here the message placed in row 0
		// So we write the code to generate
		TranslatorBlock translatorBlock = this.getRequiredTranslatorBlockAtSocket(0, "lcd.print( ", " );\n");
		// creating the text of the code
		String ret = translatorBlock.toCode();
		return ret;
	public static void setupWireEnvironment(Translator t)
		// text for include
		// setup code
		t.addDefinitionCommand("LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2);");

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