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How to test translations locally? | Ardublock

How to test translations locally?

We have been using the Crowdin‘s system to manage the translations of Ardublock. With our great translation volunteers, Ardublock is now available in 20 different languages with latest additions of Russian and Turkish. We have been getting questions about how to test the translation locally. Here is a quick note on how to do this:

1. Download the latest distribution from sourceforge.net

2. Go to the Ardublock

translation page and select your language


3. Select your language by clicking on the flag. I use Chinese as an example here and click on the Translate button


4. Translate the statement and download it locally by clicking on the “Save and Download”. You get a file named “ardublock.properties”


5. At the same directory as the downloaded ardublock-all.jar, copy your “ardublock.properties” to the following according to your language in the directory with ardublock-all.jar

com/ardublock/block/ardublock_af.properties Afrikaans
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_ar.properties Arabic
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_ca.properties Catalan; Valencian
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_cs.properties Czech
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_da.properties Danish
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_de.properties German
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_el.properties Greek, Modern (1453-)
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_es_ES.properties Spanish; Castilian
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_fi.properties Finnish
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_fr.properties French
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_he.properties Hebrew
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_hu.properties Hungarian
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_it.properties Italian
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_ja.properties Japanese
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_ko.properties Korean
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_nl.properties Dutch; Flemish
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_no.properties Norwegian
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_pl.properties Polish
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_pt_BR.properties Portuguese, Brazil
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_pt_PT.properties Portuguese
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_ro.properties Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_ru.properties Russian
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_sr.properties Serbian
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_sv_SE.properties Swedish
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_tr.properties Turkish
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_uk.properties Ukrainian
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_vi.properties Vietnamese
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_zh_CN.properties Simplified Chinese
com/ardublock/block/ardublock_zh_TW.properties Traditional Chinese

6. Open a Terminal (Mac OS X/Linux) or Cmd and change to the directory hosting the ardublock-all.jar and run the following commands. Replace the “zh” and “CN” with your language and country. The two letter country codes is ISO3166-1 and the language code is ISO 639

$ java -Duser.language=zh -Duser.country=CN -cp .:ardublock-all.jar com.ardublock.Main


We are working on making it easier to do translation for Ardublock.

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